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Coach ... Consultant ... Artist

My early career as a fashion merchandiser trained my sense of what makes a woman alluring, decorated perfect in form. This experience combined with my current knowledge and practice of the spiritual arts; allows me to connect with the soul of my clients.

I see what is current in style, what shapes; colors and textures create that look. I always create with the look in mind but keep my own style as the lens. I like to mix cultures in my designs; African trade beads with Chinese jade for example. I am inspired by the symbolism of jewelry throughout the ages. How it has been used for protection, attraction and enlightenment throughout time. My work is a reflection of this knowledge and I use an eclectic combination of gems and artifacts to express this.

My life is my palette. Rocks and plant material I am drawn to collect on my travels; the Degas I have just viewed at the Art Museum; Parisian Haute Couture; Indigenous Cultures; Spiritual Traditions; are all inspiration for my next piece. When I return home I lay out the stones that bring them to life. It is my unique composition that catches your eye; unexpected combinations of shapes, colors, textures; and found objects.

I have an eye for the unusual, and can spot it among thousands of stones, as I do each year on my annual buying trips. I keep an enormous inventory. Everything has to be at my fingertips as I collage the work together and the design develops. I do all of my own work which is why I choose this profession-the lovely meditation of creating with my hands.

It is my intention that you wear your Kris Halter jewelry often, and that it be a symbol of the beautiful spirit, that you are.


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